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1. Maia's Birth - a family celebration
an ecstatic and instinctive unassisted waterbirth at home
2. The Birth of Lucy -
5 weeks early - born at home
3. The Birth of Holly -
a planned vaginal breech birth
4. The birth of Alexander
This time I really felt a connection between my mouth and my cervix, and so opened my mouth as wide as voice became clearer and stronger. As I opened up further, my voice became higher. It was as though I was singing scales...
5. Visualisation during labour: a story
how fortunate I was to feel, see and hear what I did. Visualization is such a powerful tool.
6. Manifesting Polly. An unexpected homebirth!
Our first birth! It was a wonderful and magical event which we each superbly responded to.
7. The Importance Of Good Support In Labour
The Birth of Jessica Rose: We had created such a lovely, relaxed, comfortable birthing environment in the hospital and I was 9 cm dilated. But then the shift changed - the new midwife was NOT into active birth and she was HORRID!!
8. Many valuable lessons learnt at a homebirth
I now know that it is all the interference and intervention in hospitals which cause the women to scream, not the pain itself.
9. The birth of Magenta
A planned vaginal breech birth for first baby
10. Anna's birth
A planned homebirth but baby born naturally in hospital
11. The Birth of Lara Joy
I didn’t intend to have a water birth, but ...
12. Taking control of birth choices during pregnancy
I stayed with my obstetrician until I was 36 weeks pregnant and brought my birth plan in... It wasnt until she replied with, “look you’re not the only one having a baby, we have a hospital to run you know” that the alarm bells went off in my head...
13. Two women and two babies
"Babies born to lesbians would have to be the most wanted and considered of all children."
14. Aiden's Active Natural Birth
I feel like I know a secret now that I share with all other women who have experienced labour. I feel like my body has achieved a sort of nirvana that it was designed to achieve...
15. The Birth of Nathan Michael
I am living proof that a woman who sustains a massive tear, can birth again vaginally. It required a lot of reading and soul searching, and a major understanding of WHY the tear occurred in the first place...
16. How Post Natal Depression (PND) affected my life and my family
Postnatal depression can happen to anyone. I am not ashamed now to say that I have suffered from it. With the help and support of trained professionals, counsellors, Support Group parents and my family I have overcome this illness…
17. Overcoming breastfeeding difficulties
I am still deeply proud of my tenacity. Many of my friends could not believe that I would bother and my lovely doctor claims he has had no other patient quite so stubborn.
18. Losing Control
Is he sleeping through the night yet?
19. Ella Rose’s Story.
There is room in the birth process for both natural medicine and modern medicine - you can combine them to achieve the best result – a healthy baby. My waters broke 4 weeks early and we had to be very assertive to avoid an induction...   email: