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Visualisation during labour: a story

You asked if I could describe what I visually experienced during my labour, so here goes:

Firstly, I was amazed how relaxed I felt when my waters broke at 2 am - being someone that tends to panic!

I took a shower and gathered together the things I would need to take to the Birth Centre. At this stage I felt light contractions, then around 4.30 am first stage was in full swing. I was consciously breathing , as you had helped me prepare to do in your classes and tapes, and it certainly helped - this is when the visuals begin...

As the contractions became stronger I saw, in my mindís eye, myself sitting on my surfboard at my favourite surf beach, ready to catch the incoming swells. My husband , who was my wonderful support person, was standing on the sand with a bunch of spectators, ten times life size, cheering me on. As the contractions became stronger I flew across the face of the wave experiencing the adrenalin and rush and as the contractions subsided so did my ride. I then flicked off the wave and sat waiting for the next wave. This continued until I arrived at the Birth Centre with my husband to meet our midwife. It was sensational!!

It was 6.30 am now, and second stage pushing , still continuing with the conscious breathing and taking sips of Rescue Remedy - I could hear your voice repeating things I had listened to on your tapes, "these sensations you are feeling are for your baby" etc. Hearing your voice affirming the process was strengthening at this point and really gave me a focus.

The visuals continued - close friends, who had shared their positive birthing stories with me came with their smiling faces - one by one. I really felt their love and support.

Then, when crowning began, breathing, breathing - focusing on the ! breath got me through this stage.

Woody was born at 8.30am. What an incredible journey we experienced - I was as high as a kite.

Thank you, Lina, for asking me to write our story - reliving this experience deeply affected me - how fortunate I was to feel, see and hear what I did. Visualization is such a powerful tool. Kristen.

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