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Midwife and Childbirth Educator, Melbourne, Australia
(On this website as my colleague Lina no longer lives in Melbourne!)
Please be in touch if you would like private sessions in birth preparation in Melbourne.†

Hi, Iím Marie, I was born in India and migrated to Australia at the age of 10. I† began my career in nursing where I developed my belief in holistic health. After 6 years of nursing, Midwifery found me and have had the pleasure and privilege to be part of this amazing profession for over 16years which has taken me around the globe to practice the universal language of birth.† I have attended hundreds of births in various settings from hospitals, homes, villages, remote health centers and hospitals in Papua New Guinea. I am also a public health consultant with a belief that all women and families in our world deserve and have the right to safe and healthy birth outcomes in their choice of† birth place in line with their resources and their own cultural context.

In my public health role, I† co-founded an NGO 9 years ago, The Highlands foundation, which endeavors to make a positive impact in the high infant and maternal mortality rates in nations and communities less fortunate than ours.† I have recently returned from PNG, working as a clinical midwifery facilitator with Ausaid teaching midwifery and empowering local courageous health workers to be instrumental in being part of† the change they so desire in their nation.

I also tutor Medical students at Melbourne and Monash Universities on a casual basis. My commitment to the Australian College of Midwives (ACMI) has been reflected in the positions held at a sub-branch level e.g. Treasurer, Media Liaison Midwife, Member of the Editorial Sub Committee of the Victorian Branch Newsletter Open Line and Secretary to the North Central Sub-branch.† In my role as Media Liaison Midwife, which I held for several years, I was responsible for raising the professional role of the midwife within the community. I was the recipient of the Irving Buzzard Midwifery Prize for 2003, which I hold with great honor and privilege.

My experiences cover the whole scope of midwifery including the role of ChildBirth Educator. In this role I truly flourish as in a short time, women and families acquire a confidence, skills and information that prepare them for what they may need to navigate through our health system to achieve their unique birth experience.

As a Midwife it is my responsibility to empower and equip women and families to be at the center of their health and birth choices. My first priority in midwifery is to Australia, my nation where I believe families more than ever require the support and commitment of continuity of carer and the right information and tools to help them navigate a very confusing and complex birthing environment.† My mentors in Australia Nola Aicken, Helen Sandner, Jenny Parratt, Pat Brodie, Deb Watson, Belinda Henkel, Sue Langford, Sarah Buckley, and around the globe Michel Odent, Lina Clerke and PNG Midwives, have given me the confidence and inspiration to have faith in the courage and strength of women and families and the birth process through the act of caring and nurturing.

I believe in my role as childbirth educator and birth attendant I can partnership with women and families to embark on a journey that can be crucial in the way we view birth, life and our place in society. Healthy families make healthy nations and positive birth experiences contribute to this goal.†

I†am based†in Melbourne and am available for private Childbirth Education; †birth and postnatal support; breastfeeding education and support; professional development. Please enquire via email.†
(for group classes in Melbourne surf the links on this website.)†† email: